Street Tree and Urban Design Guidelines

Within the general urban design guidelines, the NorthWest Crossing street tree plan is intended to help create a sense of place within the development. The concept of the plan is to use street trees to help identify different areas or districts of NorthWest Crossing. When a specific area is planted with a selected group of trees, both in designed and random patterns, those areas begin to take on their own identity, which is important in helping define Northwest Crossing as a place of diversity and individuality. A successful street tree planting will enhance the overall streetscape, wildlife habitat, and air quality.

The NorthWest Crossing Street Tree Guidelines were created in a tabloid (11 x 17) format. This will not impact on-screen viewing of the PDF version of the Street Tree Guidelines, but you will need to use page scaling in your print dialog box to print to a letter or legal-sized sheet of paper. (These documents require the Adobe Acrobat Reader. Click here to download the free reader.).

Note: These documents are subject to change. Please call 541-312-6473 or email us to confirm that these documents are up-to-date.

Download the NorthWest Crossing Street Tree Guidelines.