Architectural Review Committee Applications

The NorthWest Crossing Architectural Review Committee (ARC) was established by West Bend Property Company to implement and administer the NorthWest Crossing Rules & Design Guidelines. The Architectural Review Committee exists for the purpose of maintaining the high standards in design development and overseeing appropriate building and property use in NorthWest Crossing (NWX).

In fall 2022, the majority of NWX owners voted in favor of establishing an owner-controlled nonprofit corporation to continue with ARC functions following West Bend Property Company’s announcement that it was relinquishing its control of the ARC in 2023. The 5-member owner ARC board was elected in January 2023 (Jason Boone, Colin Stephens, Nichole Fish, Renee Ramey and Jeff Vose) and is currently in the process of learning the processes and protocols as it transitions from West Bend Property Company. Until the transition is complete, NWX owners can continue to use the contact information and applications listed below.

The Architectural Review Committee approves the construction and/or installation of all buildings, fences, landscaping (including fountains), exposed solar heating,  air conditioning, mechanical equipment, antennas, satellite dishes, utility meters, and all other exposed site and building non-architectural components, as well as revised paint palettes.

Note: These documents are subject to change. Please call 541-382-1662 or email us to confirm that this document is up-to-date.

Download the Residential Home ARC Application Form.

Download the Commercial Building ARC Application Form.

Download the Multiple Family ARC Application Form.