Pacific Crest Middle School

Opening doors

Opening a new school is an exciting and powerful experience. It includes the creation of traditions and systems that serve to meet the needs of individual learners, families, and the wider community. At PCMS, we are building a school environment that places relationships and individual learners at the center of our design.

This looks like expanding traditional course offerings that include science, language arts, social studies, and math to include art, design, world language and music. It also looks like instructional designs that make learning relevant through project-based and service learning.

Pacific Crest Middle School is located adjacent to NorthWest Crossing and will open Fall 2015.

Pacific Crest Middle School
3030 NW Elwood Lane
Bend, OR 97701
(541) 355-1053
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High Lakes Elementary School

Outstanding Education

High Lakes Elementary School serves over 650 students, grades K-5th. It has received the highest ‘Level 5’ or Outstanding rating by the Oregon State Report Card for the past six years. The physical layout of High Lakes supports four wings or “lakes” Each lake houses a grade level team where the teachers work in “professional Learning Communities” to ensure that all children are successful.

The school’s central location in NorthWest Crossing makes it easy for parents to accompany their kids to school and be involved in their education.

High Lakes Elementary School
2500 NW High Lakes Loop
Bend, OR 97701
(541) 355-1700
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Summit High School

Excellence in learning

Summit High opened in 2001 and currently serves over 1,500 students who consistently exceed state and national averages for SAT and ACT standardized tests.

Here are a few of the school’s accomplishments in the 2013/2014 school year:

  • Innovative Instructional Technology with the digital conversion pilot
  • Launch of new pre-Engineering, Blended Learning and AP Statistics classes
  • Highest standardized scores on OAKS in Summit history
  • Highest scores on Explore, PLAN, ACT in Summit history
  • 42% of Summit students took an AP test, with a school pass rate of 67%
  • State Report Card – Level 5
  • Winner of The Oregonian Cup – for the 3rd time
  • 10 State Team Athletics Championships
  • Band, Choir and Orchestra all competed at State
  • 64 Regional Scholastic Art Award winners
  • Newspaper placed 10th in the Nation
  • 86% of graduates going on to post-secondary education to over 81 institutions
  • 3.4 million in scholarships for 2014 graduates
  • State, regional individual winners in Speech and Debate, Instrumental and Choral Music, Theater, Ultimate Frisbee

Summit High School
2855 NW Clearwater Dr
Bend, OR 97701
(541) 355-4000
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William E. Miller Elementary

Leading the Way

William E. Miller Elementary School is located adjacent to NorthWest Crossing and has an excellent staff, supportive parents, and students who excel in their academic studies.  Student academic assessment scores have been very high the last five years and we believe that this trend will continue in the future. Parents and community volunteers are welcome and they are an integral component for the school’s success.  The school’s Parent/Teacher Organization plans engaging activities for the students and families during the school year, and is effective in raising important funding to support the children and teachers.

William E. Miller Elementary School is unique in some respects.  The school construction complies with guidelines from the “Leadership in Energy and Environment Designs” (LEED).  The school uses approximately 35 – 50% less water and 41% less energy than a prototypical school of the same size.  Approximately 14% of the energy needed to power the building is produced by 252 solar panels on the roof.  Miller Elementary was the first school east of the Cascades with a LEED Gold Level certification.

Because of the LEED design, the school’s standard Oregon State Curriculum is augmented by some of the building’s properties.  At the school we try to implement sustainable practices when we can during the school day and try to educate our children and families so they can carry out those habits in their everyday lives.  The school recycles school materials at a high level and composts food products after all lunches. The 4th and 5th grade students help the cafeteria by serving lunches and washing the dishes daily. The school also has a science focus and the students participate in science field trips during the year. Also, the school has a partnership with the Bend Science Station in which the students visit multiple times during the school year.

The school believes that our children will use technology consistently in the future.  We have multiple computer labs at the school, desktop computers in each wing, and many new iPads that are available daily.  All of our teachers have SMART Boards in the classrooms to augment instruction during the day.  Yearly, our PTO fundraises to purchase and support technology at the school.

Miller Elementary also has an Interactive Kiosk in the front hall.  It consists of a touch screen TV loaded with a real-time solar panel display of the energy produced from the panels on our roof, an interactive building tour focusing on the LEED qualities in the school, the fifth grade’s “The Green Story” video, and has a biography of William E. Miller.

Lastly, at W.E. Miller we use electronic email and web pages to communicate and get information to our parents instead of printing newsletters on paper.  This communication is very effective for our families and it helps them to feel connected to the school.

William E. Miller Elementary School
300 NW Crosby Drive
Bend, OR 97701
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