FITWELL is your friendly neighborhood fitness and wellness studio offering personal Pilates, GYROTONIC® and Functional-Strength Training in NWX. The modern, well-lit studio offers an intimate setting for personal attention and training.

What is the value of your health? Your performance? Your mobility? Your longevity? FITWELL is here to assist you with your goals and needs.

FITWELL will be offering Intro to GYROKINESIS® small group class starting June 1, Saturday from 9:00am – 9:30am. Your first class is complimentary [apply code: firstfree] and $10 thereafter.

We often forget that our joints need movement in every direction anatomically possible for health and longevity. GYROKINESIS® spinal movements can help alleviate the burden on joints from the daily grind – especially from long hours of sitting for work or leisure – by mobilizing, decompressing and strengthening the spine. Not only does it improve circulation between the joints and tissues, it energizes your whole body with a feeling of wellness – a great way to start your day.



2697 NW Crossing Drive
Bend, OR 97703