Workforce Affordable Housing Resident Profiles

In order to address NorthWest Crossing resident questions about the demographics of the Phase 23 proposed workforce housing project, the developers at Pacific Crest Affordable Housing have put together a resident profile of individuals currently living in Bend that are representative of the type of tenants they are seeking.

From Pacific Crest Affordable Housing:

We would like to introduce a few community members who qualify to be tenants of the proposed affordable housing units in NorthWest Crossing. The following profiles are of people who currently live in Bend; they fall within the appropriate income range, are not full-time students, and could be interested in living in NWX. As current and vital members of the Bend community, they not only participate in – but also contribute invaluably to – outdoor recreation, a vibrant restaurant scene, local youth development, and cultural and arts initiatives – all of the aspects of our city that make Bend such an exceptional place to live.

Age: 31
Occupation: Yoga Instructor
Years Living in Bend: 31
Interests/Activities: Traveling, snowboarding, mountain biking, reading, volunteer farming, rafting.

Favorite part about living in Bend: “Being a part of a great community and family”

Tyler and Maxine
Ages: 29 & 35
Occupation: Ski Technician/Raft Guide & Youth Activities Coordinator
Years Living in Bend: 6 & 9
Interests/Activities: Snowboarding, dogs, general outdoor activities, rafting, music
Favorite Part About Living in Bend: “Accessibility to Anything Outdoor-Related”

Age: 33
Occupation: Server
Years Living in Bend: 2.5
Interests/Activities: Exercising, Racquetball, Hiking with the Dogs
Favorite Part About Living in Bend: “Fun People! Coming from a totally different culture, it’s fun to see new things coming up around town – it’s all very interesting.”

Age: 28
Occupation: Entreprenuer
Years Living in Bend: 20
Interests/Activities: Backcountry Skiing, Running, Baking, Biking, Art & Crafts
Favorite Part About Living in Bend: “I love that there are so many outdoor and cultural activities available in a smaller-town.”

Zach & Christina
Ages: 33 & 27
Occupation: Bike Mechanic & Ski Coach
Years Living in Bend: 5 & 19
Interests/Activities: Cooking, Biking, the Oregon Desert, Coaching and Playing Ultimate Frisbee, Backpacking, & Traveling.
Favorite Part About Living in Bend: “We definitely like the accessibility of outdoor activities, but also appreciate the growing diversity of interesting non-profits, cultural events, and arts groups.”

Age: 45
Occupation: Office Manager
Years Living in Bend: 12
Interests/Activities: Skiing, Nordic Skiing, Biking, Hiking, Knitting, Cooking, The Ocean, Theatre & Film.
Favorite Part About Living in Bend: “Immediate Access to Outdoor Activities”

Aric & Christina
Ages: 25 & 24
Occupation: Entrepreneur & Server
Years Living in Bend: 20 & 15
Interests/Activities: Running, Hiking, Skiing, Biking, Cooking, Floating the River, Farming
Favorite Part About Living in Bend: “Great biking trails, we’re close to the mountains and ocean, & we get to be close to family.”

Age: 33
Occupation: Barista
Years Living in Bend: 8
Interests/Activities: Coaching Lacrosse, Backpacking, Piano, Yoga, & Meditation
Favorite Part About Living in Bend: “I like the Northwest in general, it’s very friendly and relaxed. I also like the accessibility-being able to walk to work and being so close to nature.”