We’ve received some great questions and feedback from neighbors interested in learning more about the proposed zone change and proposed affordable workforce housing project. We compiled those questions and provided answers here in an effort to be transparent and informative to our residents. More information will be shared as it becomes available.

Background information:
West Bend Property Company (WBPC) is proposing a General Plan Map Amendment Zone Change and a 7-lot subdivision on a piece of property located east of NW Crossing Drive, between Shevlin Park Road and Lemhi Pass Drive. The proposal will change approximately 2 acres of a 7.15 acre property from its current Commercial Limited (CL) General Plan Designation and Zone.

WBPC is proposing 5 single family lots along Lemhi Pass Drive on the southern portion of the property; 48-54 affordable workforce housing units to be built north of the single family lots, east of NW Crossing Drive. The northern portion of the property (approximately 3.8 acres) will remain Commercial Limited and while we don’t know the exact use at this time, we anticipate it will become professional offices.

A hearing before a hearings officer representing the City of Bend is scheduled for April 7th, 9am at City Council Chambers.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Why is West Bend Property Company (WBPC) changing commercial zoning?
A. WBPC has long believed that the amount of commercial zoned land required in the NWX Master Plan was excessive for the neighborhood development. Based on recommendations from retail architectural consultants, WBPC concentrated its commercial retail development in the NWX Neighborhood Center located around the roundabout at Mt. Washington Drive & NW Crossing Drive. As a result of this, we have struggled to find an acceptable commercial development plan for the N.E. commercial property. Given the critical need for affordable housing in Bend, WBPC partnered with Pacific Crest Affordable Housing (owner of Discovery Park Lodge in NWX) to come up with an affordable workforce housing plan (apartments) that has resulted in the Phase 23 zone change application.


Q. Where will access to the apartments be located?
A. By the time apartments are built, Potts Court will be extended to NW Crossing Drive.  Access to the apartments will be off Potts Court.


Q. How many apartment units are planned?
A. Under the current plan, 50 apartments will be provided with a mix of 1 bedroom and 2 bedrooms. This mix is subject to change depending on state funding requirements and results of a market study.


Q. How many parking spaces will be provided?
A. While this is a design detail to be reviewed in a future land use site plan application, approximately 82 parking spaces will be provided. This will include 62 on-site spaces and 20 on-street spaces. The City’s Development Code requires 55 total parking spaces.


Q. Why didn’t the original NWX master plan include an affordable housing overlay?
A. When the original NWX master plan was being developed in 1998 – 2001, affordable housing was not publically identified as critical of a need as it is today.  At the time NWX was conceptualized and subsequently executed, the homes in the first several phases were near the mid-point of the housing market in Bend.  It was believed that a range of market priced product could provide for various income levels. This did not turn out to be the case.


Q. Who will be the owner of the affordable workforce housing apartments?
A. The project will be owned by a newly created ownership entity, with Pacific Crest Affordable Housing as the managing member. Pacific Crest also serves as owner/managing member of Discovery Park Lodge in NWX, Mountain Laurel Lodge located on Century Drive adjacent to Cascade Lakes Brewery, Little Deschutes Lodge in La Pine and IronHorse Lodge in Prineville.


Q. Will these apartments be subject to the NWX CC&Rs?
A. Yes. All properties within the NWX boundaries are subject to both the NWX Rules & Design Guidelines and CC&Rs. The NWX Architectural Review Committee will review all plans to ensure compliance. 


Q. Is there any chance that this project will be the last affordable housing project in NWX?
A. At this time, WBPC has no additional plans for another affordable housing project. Currently, there are 61 affordable housing units in NWX; 53 apartments in Discovery Park Lodge and 8 single family homes. With the addition of 50 units with the proposed project, there would be a total of 111 affordable housing units within NWX.


Q. What are the next steps in this land use process?
A. 4/7/16 is the date for the application to be heard by hearings officer, Lauri Craghead. Her recommendation will then be forwarded to the Bend City Council for a hearing sometime in June. Pacific Crest will be required to submit a Site Plan land use application for the apartment development. This application requires more specific detail on the building, parking and landscape improvements. However, Pacific Crest is currently working on conceptual designs of the site and building. Once these are received, we will share them through another Development Update.


If you have any further questions regarding the Phase 23 zone change, please feel free to contact David Ford, General Manager of NorthWest Crossing at 541-312-6473, or [email protected].