Thomas with a 3D Printer in NorthWest Crossing Bend OR3D Printing

NorthWest Crossing has always been a bit of a hotbed for entrepreneurship and small business, but this new business might very well have the youngest founder at its head. This new “start up” was the brainchild of 12-year-old resident, Thomas, who has always been passionate about making things. When his passion directed itself at gaining a 3D printer his parents knew that he could really do amazing things with it – and after months of saying no, they finally agreed with the caveat that he would need to find a way to pay for it.

Thomas1Thomas immediately downloaded designs and images on the iPad and went door to door in the neighborhood selling his potential creations. He went around NorthWest Crossing every afternoon with his notebook and the iPad, and after a couple weeks had pre-sold nearly $400 worth of products. When he finally received his “tool of the trade” he was off and running.

He’s created/printed more than a hundred “things”, learned about the technology and printer itself, as well as facing the challenges of marketing and selling his products. Now Thomas’ 3D printing “business” is officially up and running, and he is eager to fabricate (as his dad says) “stuff -from prototypes to GoPro mounts, to key chains, toys, phone covers and a zillion other things- at a fair price and with quick turnaround time, as a way to save money for a new bike.” The printer can make an object up to 7.8” x 7.8” x 7.8” with a resolution down to 0.1cm (100 microns). If you have an idea, a design or prototype that you want to fabricate (or find almost anything on or and lots of other sites), please contact Thomas. Support one of NorthWest Crossing’s youngest entrepreneurs!