The Waldorf School of Bend serves families with children from early childhood through ninth grade. An education at WSB follows established Waldorf curriculum, rich in the arts and humanities. Our community culture is rich in character, diverse religions and social beliefs, and economic backgrounds. Our shared values include social responsibility and self-awareness, kindness and compassion for humankind, and a strong reverence for the health of our environment. These values lay the foundation for our children to grow and learn.

They cultivate reverence for nature and an appreciation of beauty in our world. By creating a “spirit of place,” they provide an environment of peace and well-being in which learning can blossom and thrive.

Mission Statement:

The Waldorf School of Bend community forges an inspired path for modern learning and social renewal. From the insights of Rudolf Steiner, they cultivate academic excellence through our experiential curriculum rich in the arts, sciences and practical works. They honor each child’s unique spirit by building capacities of will, free thought, compassion and social responsibility. In this way, children develop with purpose to act as powerful world citizens.

The Waldorf School of Bend is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and a member of the Association of Waldorf Schools of North America.


Community Values

  • They support the well-being and wholeness of children through a curriculum that appropriately meets the intellectual, emotional, physical and spiritual needs within each developmental stage of their growth.
  • They uphold excellence in education by creating meaningful teacher-student relationships, and joyful, artistic teaching that supports learning through inspiration, imagination, and intuition.
  • They strive to bring the healing force of social renewal to life through our daily actions of service to others, kindness and compassion for humankind and stewardship for the earth.

At the Waldorf School of Bend, education is a powerful vehicle for social change. Thus, core academic subjects are taught to ignite the imagination of students and teachers in order to help foster pragmatic and inspired solutions to the ever-growing challenges of our time. The rigorous academic curriculum allows graduates to move forward with a sense of strong social consciousness, strong academic skills and a vibrant individuality to create their own futures. A strong reverence for nature and the desire to nurture the earth are primary foundations on which school practices are based. This school’s education is based on experimental learning through art, music and movement.They believe in local, sustainable and organic products. Their school store, The 4 Gnomes, sells socially conscious, locally made and environmentally friendly toys, crafts and art materials for children of all ages.