On October 16, several residents gathered at Discovery Park Lodge to hear about development updates at NorthWest Crossing. Mike Hollern and Romy Mortensen of the West Bend Property Board of Directors presented, as did general manager, David Ford. The purpose of the meeting was to keep the two-way lines of communication open between the residents of NorthWest Crossing and the developers.

Phases 20-22

David Ford spoke first about the “panhandle” area of NorthWest Crossing, which encompasses 60 lots in phase 20-22. Forty-one of 52 lots available were sold to the NorthWest Crossing Builders Guild in a lottery, with only 11 remaining which will be listed for sale on MLS by The Garner Group. Builders are so excited about beginning this phase of the community, that the ARC review committee has already received one submittal for the area.

Because the smaller home and cottage format has been well-received in other parts of NorthWest Crossing, there is a specific site set aside within these phases for “cluster housing.” This concept includes 13-15 small cottages (ranging from 800-1200 square feet), with attached or detached single-car garages. The homes will surround a central green gathering area. Lawrence Qamar, an expert in designing these types of “pocket neighborhoods”, is providing the concept for the area. Tyee Development will be building the cottages, and a model home is slated for an adjacent lot and is scheduled to be on the COBA Tour of Homes in 2014. Buyers of these homes will pay dues for a home owners’ association to manage the shared common space.

Adjacent to the “panhandle” area is the 2-acre Sunset View Park. In order to provide connectivity with the greater Bend trail system, NorthWest Crossing has installed a connector trail from the park to popular West Bend Trail. Sunset View Park is not up for further development by the Bend Parks and Recreation District yet, but is expected to go through a public design process within the next couple of years.

Discovery Park

One of the most anticipated projects that is underway in the neighborhood is the approximately 34-acre Discovery Park; 15 acres of formally improved park and 19 acres of native, open space. West Bend Property Company is currently in negotiations with the Bend Parks and Recreation District over the details of the park agreement. The park is now in the earthwork phase, with 565,000 cubic yards of loose fill being removed and then replaced as structural fill for the area. Interestingly, GPS shots are being taken of the work at 12” intervals, so a complete 3D matrix of the area will exist when earthwork is complete. During this phase, the park area is being brought up to subgrade, and the lots for housing in that area are being brought up to finish grade.

There will be two conceptual designs for the park which will be presented in an open house by the Parks District, likely next month. Everyone in the community is invited to comment on the concepts, as this will eventually be a public park. Right now, both designs will likely include a pavilion, trails, bathrooms and other gathering spaces. One design will be more native, and one more developed. Based on survey feedback from a 2-mile radius around the park, many were interested in keeping the area as native as possible, plus additional interest in integrating a dog park. Design will be finalized after the open house.

While the developed area of Discovery Park will be 15-acres, it is important to note that the total area is 34 acres. Nineteen acres will be remaining completely native, with the exception of installed connective trails (likely soft trails). The community garden will be moved to within the developed area of the park, and is included in both proposed designs.

Also included in the Discovery Park area are several new phases for homes. The first phase includes 53 lots along Mt Washington Drive and Shields Avenue. The earthwork on these lots will be complete next summer, and further lots development will move south based on demand.

Other Development News

Several other items were touched on during the meeting including:

  • The self-storage facility that will be built by Jeff Payne of Panterra Development is now located near the Ruffwear building. Payne indicated that he expects to have plans for the facility submitted to ARC next month, and it will be an aesthetic fit for the neighborhood and will include extensive replanting of any disturbed vegetation.
  • Part of NorthWest Crossing that is still to be developed is zoned Mixed Employment. Residents were encouraged to review the zone uses online and provide West Bend Property Company with input on preferred uses.
  • The empty lot at the roundabout intersection of Mt Washington Drive and NW Crossign Drive was discussed and it was indicated that a grocer would be a preferred tenant for this parcel. However, in order to attract a grocery store, more rooftops are needed but our commercial real estate company will continue to press forward to find a good fit.
  • Update on new businesses within the neighborhood center:
    • Little Bite Café
    • Tooliani’s
    • The Cutest Little Store Ever
    • Additional new tenants to be announced in the future