West Bend Property Company has accepted an offer from Panterra Development for the purchase of Lot Two, in District Two of NorthWest Crossing for the development of a storage facility.  This lot is located on the west side of Mt. Washington Drive, in an area that allows this type of facility.  Examples of other uses acceptable in this zone are light manufacturing, printing and book publishing, auto and truck repair/service and sales, bakery, beverage bottling plant, commercial laundry, warehouse and distribution center, just to name a few.

The buyer is in the due diligence period and has been very proactive and open by sending residents within 500 feet of the property a notice to come to a public hearing on March 18 at 4:00 pm at 2755 NW Crossing Drive, Suite G-205, above Pisano’s Pizza.  We invite any resident of NorthWest Crossing to attend if you would like to learn more about the proposed use on this land.

Over the last decade, West Bend Property Company has received numerous requests for this type of use in the neighborhood, and has accepted this offer based on the demand and belief that this addition is an amenity to the neighborhood.  Due to the design of NorthWest Crossing with alleys and smaller, denser lots, many residents find the need for additional storage for recreational toys, vehicles, or simply household items. As you know, there are design guidelines and standards for both residential and commercial/industrial uses in NorthWest Crossing.  This project will be subject to the same standards and expectations as any other project that has been built to date.  NorthWest Crossing is an award winning community due to its attention to detail, mix of uses, and design of streets and buildings.  We intend to continue to strive for this level of excellence.

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To see the building requirements, as referenced in the NorthWest Crossing Prototype Handbook, V6, click here.

Commercial Property Rules & Design Guidelines