Date:   March 22, 2013

To:       NorthWest Crossing Residents/Owners

We met with Jeff Payne of Panterra Development this morning and we are pleased to advise you that Panterra will not proceed with the purchase of Lot 2 in District 2 of NorthWest Crossing and will not be building storage units on that site. Mr. Payne is carefully considering our offer for him to purchase Lots 10, 11 and 12 in District 2 to construct storage units. We have advised Jeff that West Bend Property Company will be fully supportive of his efforts on these lots.

If Panterra does elect to proceed with Lots 10, 11 and 12, there will, of course, be another public information meeting with notice to nearby residents before a site plan application is filed with the City. Any construction will require design approval of the NorthWest Crossing Architectural Review Committee.

We believe Mr. Payne’s decision was strongly influenced by his desire to become an accepted and respected owner and business operator in NorthWest Crossing. We hope you will join us in supporting him and his business.

Thank you all for your continuing passionate support of our NorthWest Crossing mixed-use community.

Please contact David Ford, General Manager, West Bend Property Company ([email protected]) or any of us if you have comments or questions.


West Bend Property Company

Mike Tennant ([email protected])

Ron White ([email protected])

Mike Hollern ([email protected])

Romy Mortensen ([email protected])