Date:   March 15, 2013

To:       NorthWest Crossing Residents/Owners

Many of you are aware of the proposed construction of a self-storage facility by Panterra Development on Lot 2 of District 2 in NorthWest Crossing. Panterra Development has a legally binding purchase and sale agreement to purchase Lot 2 from West Bend Property Company, and the proposed use on Lot 2 is permitted under the Industrial Employment Zone in place since 2001. As the buyer and developer of Lot 2, Panterra Development is responsible for all notifications and conducting the public meeting, which we understand is scheduled for 4pm Monday, March 18, now at the Summit High School library.

For many years we have been encouraged by residents to consider building storage units as an additional amenity in our mixed-use community. We admit we were surprised by the negative reaction from some of our owners to the proposed location of the storage units on Mt. Washington Drive.

After hearing from and meeting with many of you, we met with Mr. Jeff Payne, President of Panterra to seek a compromise. We offered to sell Panterra Development Lots 10, 11 and 12 in District 2 (located by the former Breedlove and now Ruffwear building along Skyliners Road) in place of Lot 2 to develop the storage units. We offered these alternative lots at a discount to encourage him to reconsider. Mr. Payne at this time declined our offer and believes residents will support his facility and location after his informational meeting. Mr. Payne did suggest that he may reconsider our offer to move his sales agreement contract from Lot 2 to Lots 10, 11 and 12 after the public information meeting.

We deeply appreciate the concern, care and passionate feelings many of you have for NorthWest Crossing. Thank you for helping us make it an even more desirable neighborhood.

Please contact David Ford, General Manager of West Bend Property Company ([email protected]) or any of us if you have comments or questions. We believe open, transparent communication is in the best interest of all.


West Bend Property Company Board of Directors:

Mike Tennant ([email protected])

Ron White ([email protected])

Mike Hollern ([email protected])

Romy Mortensen ([email protected])