West Bend Property Company, the developers of NorthWest Crossing, recently submitted a Zone Change/Text Amendment application to The City of Bend. The documents included in that application are below. This application is currently pending action by the City.  In summary, the application addresses reallocating Mixed Employment and Industrial Employment Overlays, adding Cluster Housing and Residential Mixed –Use Overlays, adding a Residential High Density Overlay by Discovery Park Lodge, and several text amendments within the NorthWest Crossing Overlay Zone.  Please click on the links below for the specific language and application details

Application Form

Burden of Proof Statement

Exhibit A – E-Gen Plan

Exhibit B – P-Gen Plan

Exhibit C – E Zoning

Exhibit D – P Zoning

Exhibit E – Code Text

Exhibit F – Street Type Map

Exhibit F – Street Type Color Legend

Exhibit G – Geotech

Exhibit H – Kittelson Traffic Analysis

Exhibit I – Public Meeting Summary

Exhibit J – Preliminary Concept Plan